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I'm starting a new Thyroid Elite Program group this month, and I'm looking for a handful of people to work with to help them build and implement their own thyroid remission plan.

I've been working very closely with a small group of people in the last 12 weeks.  

The results have been amazing and I'm ready to start up another group in the next few weeks.

Like Mary C, who dealt with thyroid concerns since the 80s', and had to quit her job do to the crushing fatigue.   In just 10 weeks her energy levels were up 95%, stress down 75%, and she lost 17lbs!

And Darlene M, who was on the couch everyday do to horrible sleep and dreadful brain fog.  In just 8 weeks her brain fog disappeared, her sleep is radically improved, and she lost 16lbs!

Or Cheryl G, who was planning her life around her digestive system, and her skin was a wreck.  In just a few weeks her gut problems were gone, psoriasis cleared up, and she lost 14lbs!

Here is what we will be doing together:

1.  At the end of this page I'll give you the directions to get started.  Once you book the consult...

2.  We’ll send the next steps...including a calendar where to book in a time for the initial appointment. 

It will be much longer than the few minutes you’re used to getting from your GP - we’re going to do this properly

3.  That email will also include steps on how to fill in the pre-consult information online, and we’ll ship out a Baseline Inflammation Test in the mail, right away.

4.  I’ll ask for detailed information using the ‘Thyroid Web’ system.

5.  The first part of the web will utilize a basic questionnaire that gives a 30,000 foot view of the problem including:  past/current interventions, known dietary triggers, lifestyle & chemical exposure, and pathogens.

6.  The last part of the web will uncover the aggressiveness of thyroid damage and the body systems involved in a full workup.  

These include:  the immune system, brain, blood sugar regulation, gastrointestinal system, liver, and endocrine system.

Baseline Inflammation Test Kit

Inflammation is one of the critical factors leading to continued thyroid symptoms.

We will be shipping you a cutting edge inflammation test to do at home prior to our call.  

It is 50x more accurate than a blood test and will measure how much inflammation is occurring in the cells.

We will include instructions to take the test and I will go over the results on our call.

Most importantly we will uncover the exact cause of thyroid concerns, establish goals, and build a personalized remission blueprint which will include:


All additional testing that might be warranted

Thyroid Web

The specific areas to address in the ' Thyroid Web'


All metabolic assessment triggers that are potentially flaring up the system


Any advanced testing and protocols to speed up results

Any one of these strategies can radically move the needle in transforming thyroid health. 

In my experience, 2-3 of these strategies will stand out as a 'big opportunity' for change - we will spend more time on those.

Now, the reality is that you are here because the plan currently in place is not working. Or, you haven’t found a plan at all.

It’s time to get a clear blueprint so that feeling good again is the norm!

There’s no need to go in circles, trying to figure this out on your own.

And there’s definitely no need to “go at it alone”.  I know how it feels to get a small win and then take two - or six - steps back.


Here’s what’s included in the package:

Initial Consultation (valued at $250)

‘Thyroid Web’ system (valued at $197)

Baseline Inflammation Test Kit (valued at $100)

That’s a total value of $547

Take advantage today and you can get it all for just $97. That’s a saving of over $450!


If everything looks good...just reply to the messenger conversation and say "I'm IN"...and i'll take it from there.

Really looking forward to working with you soon!  Dr. Meers

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