About Dr. Kyle Meers

Hi, I’m Dr. Kyle Meers.  I focus on functional, natural nutrition.  I am married and have one daughter.  I spent a lot of time on the corporate wellness speaking circuit and have given over 500 lectures on many wide-ranging health topics.

But I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering, Is This Guy Worth My Time And Attention?  For many readers, my answer is NO.

Unfortunately I own more than a 100 health books, twice certified in different autoimmune disease programs, spent $10,000+ on supplements and gym memberships and have a doctorate in alternative medicine.  And let me tell you...


To be honest I am somewhat embarrassed with how much I have spent to try find the "magic" when it comes to overcoming autoimmune disease, increasing energy, getting better sleep and dropping pounds.

So let me tell you the 3 reason why you shouldn't be here, but these are the same reasons that gave me the amazing health I have today.

I know this seems rather ridiculous to say being that I am trying to help you become a client of mine...but here's the deal.  In the end, its all up to you!  I had all the training and information necessary to gain incredible levels of health but I still wasn't being accountable to myself.

The answer to your health problem is not another pill, potion or lotion!

Now that's is not to say that there aren't some incredible products that I use with my clients to speed up their health process.  I used them too.  But you have to be ready and committed to do whatever it takes for you.  When you make that decision then I will be able to essentially "hold your hand through this process" and help guide you to get the exact results you want.

2 - Quick Consistency
Right now if you hit youtube you can find 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minute ab routines!  Believe it or not, every one of those routines would be successful if you consistently applied them in your life.  

I developed the Hashimoto Reset protocol to be just that.  A simple but effective way to help you develop consistency in your health life.  

Although in the grand scheme of things the course is very quick.  But when applied consistently to your life it yields radical results.  

Granted many people see crazy health changes within weeks, its the consistent action over a period of time that gets real long term results.

3 - WHY?
The major thing we try to uncover in my first discovery session with a client is WHY they want to get rid of X.  

Thyroid concerns are one of the top health concerns in the world.  They can rob your energy, decrease your focus and cause an inability to lose those extra pounds.

The problem fix is easy (in a sense).  It's the why that matters.  Working with me to lose weight to your bathing suit fits better will only make you somewhat accountable to your goal.  

Losing weight so that you not only fit better in your clothes, increase your confidence and decrease the chance of developing heart disease like your father who died from it years ago is a whole new level of goal setting.

Do you see the difference??

I would love to work with you and if you are ready to do whatever it takes to be the happiest, healthiest you can be.

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